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Interior Maintenance Tips for a Beautiful Home


Maintaining the interior of your home is crucial to preserve its beauty and create a comfortable living space. The natural wear of tear of dogs, kids, and general living can put a staring on your walls. There are simple tips you can use to maintain your interior paint job for as long as possible.

At Al’s Painting, we understand the significance of interior maintenance and strive to provide exceptional service to homeowners in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. With over 50 years of experience, our professional painters are dedicated to delivering outstanding results and helping you create a home you can truly be proud of. In this article, we will share valuable tips for maintaining the interior of your home.

Keep Walls Clean and Fresh

Regularly clean your walls to maintain their appearance and prevent the buildup of dirt and grime. Gently wipe the walls using a mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Pay special attention to high-traffic areas and spots prone to stains like around doorways, handles, cupboards, and the cabinets in your kitchen. If wiping clean is no longer working and fresh paint is needed, our professional cleaning services are available to ensure your walls stay fresh and vibrant.

Address Scuffs and Scratches

Over time, walls can develop scuffs and scratches that affect their overall look. Remove minor scuffs using a magic eraser (1) or a gentle wall cleaner. For deeper scratches, consider touch-up paint or some light painter’s puddy to seamlessly repair the damage. If you have concern about color matching or have larger holes that need attention, our professional touch-up services ensure precise color matching for flawless repairs.

Maintain Your Trim and Doors

Inspect your trim and doors regularly for signs of damage, such as chipped paint, loose hinges, or cracks. Promptly address these issues to prevent further damage and maintain the integrity of your interior. A project that can really change the feel of your home on a budget is to have your front door painted. Using a new, bold color can really change how you feel about a home. Our professional trim and door repair / painting services ensure meticulous attention to detail.

Regularly Dust and Vacuum

Dust and debris can accumulate on surfaces, making your home feel less inviting. Dust surfaces, including baseboards, window sills, and furniture, regularly using a microfiber cloth or feather duster. Vacuum floors and carpets to remove dust, allergens, and dirt, enhancing both air quality and appearance. (2)

Protect Your Floors

Preserve the beauty of your floors by using rugs or mats in high-traffic areas to minimize wear. Place furniture pads under chairs, tables, and heavy furniture legs to prevent scratches and dents. Clean up spills immediately to prevent staining or damage. We have found that having well-protected floors is one of the things that goes the longest way when it comes to affecting how you feel about your space. It is much easier to protect your floors than replace them. During our painting projects, we take extra care to protect your floors, ensuring they remain in pristine condition.


Maintaining the interior of your home is essential for its long-lasting beauty. It changes how often you can go between painting the rooms, how protected your home is from damage, and how you feel about living in that space. There are simple, intuitive strategies that can preserve your space for longer worth incorporating into your cleaning routine.

At Al’s Painting, we go beyond our services to provide homeowners with valuable tips and tricks. Discover whether it is safe to sleep in a newly painted room by tapping into our expert advice. Learn the necessary precautions and waiting period to ensure a comfortable and worry-free night’s rest.

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