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Hiring a Painter Vs. Painting Your Home Yourself


Are you envisioning a new look for your walls? Ready to give your residence a much-needed spruce? It’s possible to attempt and conquer the task yourself with a paintbrush. However, it may be more challenging than anticipated! Who needs the convenience of a professional painter, in any case?

Only some people enjoy taping, sanding, and masking the whole house for paint. Many prefer not to worry about that one spot of color or how to balance the ladder to get the highest eaves done. In Eau Claire, plenty of people just don’t want to think about how their house is painted, as long as it’s painted well. If saving energy, exertion, and being in your right mind sound more pleasing than being confronted with a DIY disaster, perhaps hiring a professional painter is worth considering.

Let’s analyze the pros and cons of both decisions to assist you in making an informed decision for your next home improvement venture.

Cost Considerations: Hiring a Professional Painter

Hiring a professional painter is more expensive than doing it yourself. But like most things, you pay for the quality of the job, and the lack of stress makes it worth the investment for homeowners across Eau Claire. When evaluating the price of getting your home painted, it’s essential to analyze the full value of the product you are buying.

If you get a good painter, they bring proficiency, expertise, and top-notch materials. They know how to efficiently prepare your home’s surfaces to receive the new color, utilize the correct instruments for speed and quality, and apply paint uniformly for an attractive finish you will love.

Since we at Al’s Painting have been in business for over 50 years, we’ve brought our fair share of paint recommendations and logistical know-how to our neighbors across Eau Claire. It’s hard to replace that kind of expertise with a YouTube video.

Painting everything yourself could save money in the short term, but it can quickly become costly if mistakes are made and you need to repaint sooner than you had to. The lowest interruption to your life will come from having some gristled, seasoned, yet charming painting veterans on your site like us.

Time and Effort: Painting Your Home Yourself

Everybody underestimates how hard it is to paint a house. From the preparation of the surfaces to the application of multiple coats of paint, it is monotonous and laborious. If you choose to paint your home yourself, you will face decisions such as choosing between painting techniques like brush, roll, or spray, each requiring different skills and time commitments.

The average homeowner spends at least 4-8 hours per room painting their house (1) with even more time for outdoor painting. And this is to deliver it with lesser quality than a pro. When you don’t paint for a living, it’s hard to move efficiently, minimize the mess on nearby plants or furniture, and deliver a smooth finish and clean corners.

After you start painting, it can be physically exhausting too—stretching from the top of ladders to get the eaves during the hot Eau Claire summer is rough on the body. If you have an expansive residence or multiple rooms to paint, anticipate that this procedure will take days or even weeks to complete.

So prior to deciding to tackle this DIY project, ensure you are prepared physically and mentally for the commitment of time and energy needed to paint your own home.

Quality and Expertise: Hiring a Professional Painter

I’ll try to write this humbly, but we deliver a good paint job. You learn a lot with 50 years of onsite experience. When you hire a professional like us, you should expect a top-quality result. Your house should look great, there shouldn’t be any unsightly smudges, and the paint should endure. Engaging a specialist guarantees that your house will be coated with exactness and mindfulness.

Because we’ve seen it all, we know just how to approach all the unique features we may run into when painting Eau Claire homes. We have the tools and the staff to deliver a quality paint job on every single job. We take no shortcuts in preparing surfaces, choosing the correct paint materials, and applying them uniformly for a glossy and durable finish.

Furthermore, we own all the premium tools and equipment that can make a remarkable difference in the result of your project. By recruiting a professional painter, you can trust that we will provide remarkable results while economizing your time and effort along the way.

Personal Satisfaction and Control: Painting Your Home Yourself

It’s not all doom and gloom when painting your own home. Like most home projects, there is an unreplaceable feeling of satisfaction that comes from completing a project of that magnitude. Here are a couple of reasons why homeowners decide to tackle a big project like this on their own.

  1. Inspiration: When you take on the painting process, you possess the autonomy to pick shades, patterns, and strategies that reflect your individual flair. You can take your time deciding on little features or accent color choices without anyone else’s timeline being a factor. You can really get creative and make something unique.
  2. Money-saving: Engaging a professional painter is more expensive than doing it yourself. Even if the painter is a value painter, the cost of labor and materials adds up. By doing it yourself, you can save money on labor costs and invest in superior paint items instead.
  3. Mobility: DIY painting provides you with the mobility to labor at your own speed and timeline. You can handle one wall at a time or take timeouts whenever required.
  4. Feeling of attainment: Finishing a painting task on your own provides you with a feeling of gratification and accomplishment. You get to observe firsthand how your hard work has reshaped your living space into something magnetic.


In the end, when choosing between hiring a professional painter or painting on your own property, it is necessary to weigh your values against the cost and time commitment, along with considering proper preparation techniques for painting. While considering whether to paint your home yourself or hire a professional, understanding the advantages of hiring a professional painter can help you make an informed decision.

Not everyone has the time or space to do the painting themselves. That’s why they hire a professional painting company like Al’s Painting to come to their house and take over the whole project.

If you are thinking of having your house painted, we’d love to submit an estimate. Give us a call, and we’d love to come over and see what we can do to help you out!

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(1) How Long Does It Take To Paint A Room?

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